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Cookie policy

What are cookies?

Cookies are small text files sent to your browser and  placed on you device when you visit some website. If you decide to visit this website again,  the website will recognize your browser due to cookies.

Cookies are needed to optimize your website experience with They allow us to adjust your experience on our website to your preferences. Below comes the list of cookies we use:

  • Strictly necessary cookies
    These are  required for running website
  • Analytical (performance) cookies
    We need them to recognize and count the number of clients and to see which way they are using the website. We use Google Analytics which is a web analytics tool that helps us understand how users interact with the website..
  • Functionality cookies
    We use them to recognize customers returning to our website.

Modifying Cookie policy

We can modify this cookie policy, add new parts or delete parts of it at our sole discretion.
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