Fortnite – 500 V-Bucks PS4 (EU)

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This product includes Fortnite – 500 V-Bucks on PS4

The top 3 reasons to play Fortnite – 500 V-Bucks

  1. You’ll get to spend your v-bucks on great items in the game, such as harvesting tools, gliders and more.
  2. You can choose to spend your v-bucks on both modes available for Fortnite.
  3. The developers have integrated unique mechanics into this free-to-play video game that everyone can enjoy along with the added options of buying in-game items.

About Fortnite

    The Fortnite – 500 V-Bucks will give you the opportunity to buy in-game items, such as harvesting tools, skins and more. However, it is important to note that these v-bucks will not give you or add any type of competitive in-game advantage. The items that you can buy with the v-bucks are purely cosmetic. Aside from purchasing cosmetic items with your v-bucks, you can also purchase tiers on your battle pass. It is also important to note that you will be able to use your v-bucks for both the Battle Royale and Save the World Campaign version of Fortnite. However, the items will not carry over through the different versions of Fortnite. In Save the World, you can buy llama pinata card packs that can contain weapons, new heroes and trap schematics. Overall, you can purchase the following items with your v-bucks:

  • In Battle Royale – harvesting tools, new skins, gliders and more
  • In Battle Royale – purchase tiers to advance your battle pass
  • In Save the Word – llama pinata card packs

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What are the system requirements for Fortnite – 500 V-Bucks?

  • Fortnite for PS4
  • PSN account
  • Internet connection